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Returns to Seekonk,Massachusetts

Saturday January 17th

Bell time 7:00pm / Doors open at 6:00pm

Tickets available at the door

American legion post # 311 / 350 fall river ave

The veteran of the wrestling world, born in 1943, has over forty years of international experience and has always aroused the interest of the media for his double life worthy of a superhero comic: by day he owns an art gallery and is a promoter of cultural events, while at night he stars in the ring. Sports Illustrated, Sun Journal, National Enquirer, Boston Globe, MTV, NBC and ABC and many more media have done stories about him... but Ellis prefers the facts to words. In his career he has faced and defeated opponents using a "Shiranui". He3 has won1 prestigious awards and laurels among which we can recall the seven titles in the lighter weights AWA North Atlantic and the four listings (1991, 1992, 1997, 2005) in the list of 500 best wrestlers in the world annually drawn from the historical Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine.

In his last appearance in ICW, Ellis faced the Irish Andres Diamond in a match whe lost but fought, though with energy, determination and honour that has always characterized the style. Now, he wants to redeem that result and celebrate a success together with the Italian public ... but this is not his only motivation: during his Italian travel, Ellis will be followed by a troupe from an America production studio, White Dog Arts, which is filming a documentary about his career!

Come and witness a trueley special opportunity to see Robbie Ellis in action as its a one of a kind expirience and will surley bring a smile to your face. He will be going one on one with fellow New England Pro Wrestling Hall Of Famer Iceburg Sonny Dee. They have a history and this will be yet another match to add to their back and forth fued which has spanded over 9 years.