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From: Warwick, RI

Weight & Height: 100 and none of your business; 5'2" and eyes of blue, lmao

Years Pro: 38

Wrestling Debut: 1975 in Rehoboth, MA

Technique/Style: Technical, Hardcore, Universal, MMA

Finnishing Move/s: Many

Favorite Quote: No fear!!

Wrestling Promotions Worked For: I worked all aspects of the business; concession, setting up the ring, driving the ring truck and promoting for multiple federations; the WWWF with Vince SR, The Savoldis [IWCCW], Santos wrestling, and a few others in a non-wrestling capacity while I was training for 4 years. Throughout the years I have done many radio and cable shows, wrote wrestling articles for newspapers, having my own column for many years, and have been in many magazines, newspapers, etc. to help spread the word regarding this great sport.The alphabet soup of feds [there are too many to list all and many had the same initials], APCW, Joe's Hardcore Wrestling, Primal Conflict, UCW, IWA [in the 70's with stars such as Johnny Powers, Mil Mascaras, Pez Whatley, Eric the Red, Daisy Mae et al], Yankee Pro, NWF, NCW, Empire Pro, Tri-State [later ECW]; and others ad infinitum...

Wrestling Championships Held: Many Women's titles, Intergender titles, Hardcore, and Intergender Hardcore titles

Career Highlights: I was born and raised in Warwick, RI and got to wrestle at the Rocky Point Palladium in front of my hometown family, friends, and fans on my 40th birthday, defending my Women's title against "Covergirl" Kelly West.I have wrestled many tough opponents, and, win or lose, it was a great experience for me and the fans; Vertebreaker, Daisy Mae, Jim Niedhart, The Buswhackers, Ric Fuller, Maverick Wild, Brandy Alexander, Jim Duggan, the Samoans, Half Nelson, Angel the Icon, and so many others...Also, many of the people I work[ed] with are considered "stars" but I am honored and priviledged to be able to be counted as their friend.

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