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From:San Juan Puerto Rico

Weight & Height: 238 lbs 6'0"

Years Pro: 12 years

Wrestling Debut: 1996

Technique/Style: Technical, Submission, Power

Finnishing Move/s: The Vega Bomb

Favorite Quote: Boricua 100!! I esa es la que hay!!!

Wrestling Promotions Worked For: WWE, IWA-PR, WWA-NE, PHW, NWW, UCW, PLW, PWR, AWA, TRP, NWA-NE, YPW, and many others

Wrestling Championships Held: YPW Heavyweight Champion, 2x SCCW Heavyweight Champion, 4x SCCW Tag Team Champion, SCCW Interstate Champion, 3x UCW Tag Team Champion, APCW Heavyweight Champion, UCW Heavyweight Champion, PHW Heavyweight Champion, NWW Heavyweight Champion, PLW Tag Team Champion, PLW Heavyweight Champion.

Career Highlights: Wrestling for IWA in Puerto Rico and wrestling for WWE in the states

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